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CSG Permit Manager

Security Settings
Assign a user to a specific group. In this mode all users of the application are required to log in with a user name and password. A user with administration privileges can create new user accounts and assign a user to a specific group. The different groups have specific permissions with regard to creating new, editing and deleting existing records. If the security option is not used, Municipal and permit setup, compact / repair and the backup and other administrative functions are then accessed through a simple password.  

User Preferences
A user setup screen is provided for setup of: ‘Scheduled Inspections’, ‘Expiring Permits’, ‘Violation Deadline’, 'Active Bonds Expiring' tickle reports at startup. Windows and lists now retain their position between sessions.

Automatic Permit Numbering
Automatic numbering of permits by permit type is an option in the permit setup. This option is available for each primary permit type

Searching Capabilities
All of the main record types are available in their own lists with specific search options, in a data list format that can be sorted and filtered by user input and on the records associated parcel / property record. Data lists may be queried, sorted and searched by any of their included fields. Individual records may be opened for editing from these lists or the list itself can be printed or optionally sent to MS Excel. The standard permit lists includes additional functions to sort by application date, issue data or permit number.

Inspection Schedules
Inspection scheduling on a screen that lists scheduled inspections by day, week, month or range and optionally by inspector. Individual inspection records may be opened from the schedule list for editing. Printing of a daily schedule is also included.

Building Permit Subcontractors
The Building permit can optionally include a list of subcontractors. This option is selected from the Permit Setup screen and is also an option for the printed building permit.

Permit Types
A Total of (29) Primary types including Building, Demo, Driveway, Electrical, Gas, Mechanical, OLDS, Planning / SALDO, Plumbing, Rental, Sewage, Storm water, Use, Well, Zoning Hearing and Zoning permits. The end user may select which of these permit types to utilize so only the selected types will be available on the various application screens and lists. This list of permits to utilize may be revised at any time.  

Permit Sub-Types
Sub-Types may be added to all the standard permit types.  Add Re-roofing, Painting, etc as Building permit Sub-Types. Add Alarm, Burning or Garage Sale as Zoning Sub-Types. Any number of Sub-Types may be added "on the fly" while creating a permit record.  

Additional Permit Fields
Occupancy Type, Construction Type and Applicable Construction Code with lookup lists in addition to Design Occupant Loads fields are included on all permit types (excluding Planning).
Building and Zoning permits have the option of listing up to (12) associated permits. Through the permit setup screen these field labels, lookup lists and visible properties can be set for the permit input dialog and the printed permit and CO. Building and Zoning permits have the option of listing up to (8) square footage fields. Their label and visible properties are also set through the permit setup screen. The Description field of all permits is now a look up list to help maintain consistency.

Printed Permit Titles and Footers
The permit titles may be edited and footer messages may be added to all printed permits. You can also add to or edit the list of available "Footer" messages. This function allows you to readily quote an ordinance or code on a particular permit and add signature lines.  

Inspection Records
Inspections may be associated to any asset, complaint, permit, property, tenant or violation record. Any number of inspections may be added to any of the types, a parcel record or a violation. Inspection Tasks associated to a particular record type may be added "on the fly" for any permit type.  

Inspection List
A list of all open Inspection requests is part of the main menu. Edit inspection records directly from the list. Save time by no longer needing to find a permit to edit the associated inspection records. Open asset, complaint, permit, property, tenant or violation records directly from an Inspection request. 

Documents and Images
Word Documents, PDF, Text, and digital Images may be associated to any asset, complaint, contact, permit, property, tenant or violation record. Any number of documents or images may be added and associated to the record. This feature provides quick, easy access to associated documents. The associated document function automatically copies the selected file to a subdirectory of the main database file’s directory. The associated Image function supports storage of the image files on CDs or other media. An integrated image viewer provides zooming, printing and coping capabilities. Supported image formats include; .bmp, .jpg, .tif.  

MS Word Export
The “Send to Word” command on the Print menu has been revised. If a Permit or Certificate of Occupancy or Use is in the preview mode, selecting the “Send to Word” command creates a copy of the document, named as the permit’s printed title, formatted as a Word *.rtf file and automatically places it in the “\Permit Docs\” directory of the application. A prompt then asks if you want to open the doc with Word. When exporting Letters or reports to Word a file dialog opens to the “\Permit Docs\” directory and prompts the user for a file name of the exported document. When creating an associated document record the file dialog opens to this directory for selecting a document to associate to the record. 

Linked Document Records
A function to automatically create a linked document record in PDF format of any printed permit, certificate of occupancy or associated letter is included. A document record in this format may be printed or emailed directly from the included document viewer. All permits, letters and reports may be saved to this format for distribution to others.

Replacing Contacts
The Replace Contact function is for replacing a selected contact with a different contact on all records the selected contact is associated with... Quickly and easily replace and then delete a duplicated contact record. 

Record Lists
All Asset, Complaint, Permit, Property, Violation and Inspection lists show a record count on their caption bar... See the number of "Active" permits, "Open" violations or parcels in a subdivision at a glance. 

Planning Application Functions
Application types of Sketch and Other are included along with the standard Preliminary and Final types. Any number of plan reviews, requests for additional information, bonds and approval records may be associated to any Planning or other standard permit. A report containing all the Planning application information along with associated fees, review, bond, approval and inspection records is also included.   

Review Records
Plan review and information requested records can be associated to any permit record. The list of all plan Review records can be queried for open or information not received records. Open the permit records directly from a Review record. 

Bond Records
Bond records can be associated to any permit. Bond status and expire date fields provides additional tracking capabilities. The Bond list can be queried for Expiring Bonds with an input date. Open the permit records directly from a Bond record.  

Approval Records
Approval records may be associated to any permit record. The list of all Approval records opens listing only open Approvals. Open the permit records directly from an Approval record. 

Property / Parcel Records
Parcel records have additional fields for Zoning, Sewer and Water, Flood Zone, Critical Slopes, Streams, Wetlands, Impervious Area.  

Tenant Lists
All Parcel records can have any number of Tenant records associated to them. This is ideal for commercial or apartment properties. Previous tenant records are automatically created when an existing tenant record contact is changed. 
Tenant contact, additional contacts, Tenant Type, Move in date, Move out date, Building Name and Street Address fields are included on Tenant records. Tenant records can have inspection, document, image, and license records associated to them.

When a new Violation record is created, the resident along with the owner of a parcel is listed. If the parcel has an associated tenant list any one of the contacts in the tenant list may be selected to be on the Violation Record along with the property owner. The owner and tenant are then listed as recipients when creating a letter from the Violation dialog.
Violation records can also have fees associated to them.  

License Records
The contractor dialog now contains a tab for any number or type of License records. The License tab is optionally displayed by a checkbox in the Municipal setup. A report of Contractor Licenses is also included. 
License records can now be associated to any Contact or Tenant record to provide professional licensing functionality. A placard type printed license has been added for these Tenant / License records. The placard setup maybe edited to be specific to the License Type. The license list report contains the address and primary phone number of the Licensee. A function to bulk update the current status of licenses based on their expire date is included.

Contractor Insurance
Contractors can now have any number of Insurance records associated to them. When a contractor is selected on a building permit the contractor’s current Insurance information is input to a field in the permit record. If the contractor is changed or edited from the permit record the Insurance record can also be updated. 

Look Up Lists
Look up lists are included: Occupancy Type, Construction Type, Construction Code Edition, Plan Review Items, Plan Reviewer, etc. 

Reporting Features

Permits: All permits, including Planning permits, now include a report that details any associated Fee, Review, Bond, Approval and Inspection records in addition to the basic permit information.

Inspection reports: Reports can be created, sorted and totaled by task only or contain detailed information including time, mileage, fees and balance due in addition to the basic inspection information.

Property Record Report: All parcel records have a report that includes permits, violations, previous owners, current and previous tenant records in addition to the parcel location, owner and resident information.

Tickle reports: Expiring Permit, Expiring Insurance, Expiring Bond and Violation Deadline tickle reports.

Permits by Applicant or Contractor: All contacts have a report that lists all permit activity in which the selected contact is listed as the applicant or contractor.

Reports by Date: Numerous reporting options are included. Permits active, fees, inspection & parcel activity may be selected by numerous criteria. For example a report could be created that would list only the permits issued in a particular time period that were for "Garage Sales". A report on Fees received for that same permitting activity can also be created. A report on a particular type of, or specific inspection task by any individual inspector can also be created. All reports in the “Permit Reporter” may also be queried by a selected subdivision. In addition, the ability to list and sort the approvals, bonds, contacts, fees, inspections, licenses, permits, properties, reviews, tenants, tenant / licenses and violation records by any of their included fields and then send the result to MS Excel makes the reporting capabilities virtually unlimited.


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