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It is my pleasure to write a letter in support of your computer software program, Permit Manager. Delaware Township has been utilizing your program for quite a few years now. The Township is very pleased with the quality of service your comp any provides as well as the user friendly nature and customization abilities of the program itself. We sincerely appreciate your responsiveness and the way you conduct business. We would be happy to recommend your company and software to other municipalities because of our satisfaction. Delaware Township looks forward to continued business with you in the future.

Krista Predmore, Township Administrator - 09.07.16 - Delaware Township, Pike County PA 

Plumstead Township has been using Permit Manager for about a year now and we are extremely happy with it.  I would highly recommend the CS-Graphx package.  Cork Shunk is very knowledgeable and very willing to work with you in customizing the program so that it works well with your needs. I am also very happy with the Technical Support. You can be very confident that if you contact Cork via email or phone that he will get an answer to your questions quickly and satisfactorily.  

Prior to using Permit Manager I looked into several different companies but none of them fit our needs as well as CS-Graphx .  The program is very user friendly and proficient in our Building and Zoning Dept.  The program has also been developed to keep track of Sub-Division and Land Development submissions.  This is one area of the software that really helped in decided to go with Permit Manager. As Plumstead Township continues to grow, being able to keep a better record of these submissions is essential.  Tracking Zoning Hearing Board applications on Permit Manger has also been extremely helpful. Cork was very willing to work with me in developing the software so that it worked for us. In fact I get the feeling that he enjoys the challenge.

I would highly recommend Permit Manger.  Please feel free to use Plumstead Township as a reference. 

Judy McKeown, Zoning Administrative Assistant - 07.27.06 - Plumstead Township, Bucks County, PA


We have been running Permit Manager from CS-Graphx for about 1½ years now and could not be happier with the program. Cork Shunk's basic understanding of municipal permitting and operations is invaluable when it comes to providing support and customization of the program.

Our search for a new program started with Y2K and an older custom DOS program that was not Y2K compatible. The initial consultant hired spent about a year working on a new program, which did not even yield a working prototype. We were looking into some of the "off the shelf" software available when I was introduced to Cork Shunk, owner of CS-Graphx. In a matter of only months he had the software designed, fine-tuned, and we were up and running.

Permit Manager has proven itself to be extremely reliable. Dingman Township has been averaging 300 each of building, zoning, and sewage permits per year and have a full-time population just under 9,000. Permit Manager is used constantly each and every day by our secretarial staff and code officers alike, and is run off a Windows 2000 server.

I highly recommend CS-Graphx’s Permit Manager and also the general software development services provided. CS-Graphx has proven to be very knowledgeable, courteous, and professional.

Karen Kleist, Secretary/Treasurer - 03.12.02 - Dingman Township, Pike County PA 

Jackson Township has been using PERMIT MANAGER from CS-GRAPHX for over 1 year now, and we are very happy with the program. Cork Shunk was very helpful in getting the Township set up with this permit management program.

Prior to using PERMIT MANAGER, the Township did not have a computer based tracking system. We had looked into other permit tracking systems and found that PERMIT MANAGER was by far the easiest to use.

PERMIT MANAGER has been a great asset to Jackson Township’s Building and Zoning department and is a vital tool during the annual Township Audit. I highly recommend CS-GRAPHX PERMIT MANAGER program.

Craig Ingrassia, Zoning & Codes Officer - 03.18.02 - Jackson Township, Monroe County PA

Thanks for the most recent updates to Permit Manager. I've been meaning to write and tell you how happy we are with this program.

As you know, we tested several other well-known permitting programs during our search for a program that would help increase the efficiency and permit tracking abilities of our building and zoning departments and none of them fitted our needs as well as Permit Manager. The others were either way over-priced or so complicated to navigate, we knew some of the less computer-wise employees would not even bother to use them. Permit Manager is extremely user-friendly, very reliable, and, with your attention to the needs of our township, feels and acts like a custom-made program. In fact, you're still "customizing" it for me to this day! It certainly is a good thing you're extremely cognizant of the township/municipal permitting processes.

I think what I have appreciated most is being able to contact you at any time during the working day and get an answer to any questions I might have in addition to being able to get changes (yours or mine) via email. Customer service, unlike many other companies, is top notch!

If you know of any municipalities that are looking for a permitting application, please Cork, do not hesitate to have them contact me. I would be more than glad to recommend Permit Manager to them.

Again, thanks for your help, your patience and most of all, Permit Manager.

Penny Heist, Zoning Officer - 03-19.02 - Kidder Township, Carbon County PA

In 2001, we set out on a search to computerize our Building and Zoning department and after researching several software packages, we decided on software that has been designed by CS-Graphx called Permit Manager. The reason for choosing this software was due to the simplicity of entering and retrieving data records. After the initial installation and the individualized data have been entered into the program, the program was the easiest to use. Any individual in the office can enter and find the data that is needed with minimal training. We were also sold on the fact that the software can be tailored to our municipality’s needs and the ability to expand the program and its features to grow with the municipality.

We are also very happy with the technical support that we receive when questions arise. With all of today’s technology, it is a real pleasure to actually talk to a person without going through several minutes of "please press 1". Prior to purchasing the software, Mr. Shunk sat down with us and listened to our needs and offered several ideas so that we could customize the program to our needs.

We would highly recommend the software package Permit Manager created by CS-Graphx due to the customization abilities and the ease of using the program. The services that Mr. Shunk offers along with the program have been both knowledgeable and professional.

Shawn T Bolles, Code Official - Manager of Building and Zoning Department - 03.21.02 - Westfall Township, Pike County PA

I would like to take this opportunity to communicate how satisfied the Borough and I am with the "Permit Manager" program that you installed for us early last year. Although the Borough does not enforce a Building Code yet, we do process a considerable number of zoning permits, and the recent enactment of a Historic District Ordinance makes it a critical concern to assure the protection of records and retrieval of documents pertaining to decisions by the Architectural Review Board. This system is working efficiently and I am certain will continue to be an asset.

I especially want to thank you for not only your invaluable computer knowledge, municipality related issues, but more importantly your exceptional patience while teaching me, who has a fear and dread of computers. You made the learning process easier than I anticipated and I welcome your support as I proceed to write minutes and correspondence on the computer.

Liz Samuelson, Milford Borough Secretary - 03.25.02 - Borough of Milford, Pike County PA

Smithfield Township has found your permitting program to be extremely useful for daily job routines. Given my limited computer background, your program is very easy to understand and run. Your technical support service has been responsive and helpful in solving my problems.

In time, this program will allow this Township to develop a database of information for each and every parcel within our jurisdiction regarding permits, inspections, and violations. Your software program allows me to access information very quickly and efficiently. The only limitations I have experienced with this program are those related to my inability to comprehend computers as a whole. Smithfield Township has no regrets.

Wayne Rohner, Zoning / Sewage Officer - 11.06.02 - Smithfield Township, Monroe County PA

We would like to thank you for CS-Graphx Permit Manager. Having this program has taken us from handwriting all of our permits to just typing in the information needed and clicking on "Print". This program has helped us in a number of ways. It is so much easier to look up permits, to look up contractor information, and to issue permits in a timely fashion.

At the end of the month, the report that we generate is helpful when filling out the Dodge Report and for the report that we send to the County Assessment Office.

Cork, your extensive knowledge and willingness to answer "possibly stupid questions" is wonderful. We appreciate all of your help and the ease that we have in getting in touch with you. Thank you again for your time and patience.

Walter Hansen, Zoning Officer - 05.13.03 - Chestnuthill Township, Monroe County PA

I'm just writing to let you know that we are thrilled with the Permit Manager program. The learning curve was short, the integration with our old data was a big plus, and the linking with our GIS info is an invaluable tool in our daily work. your willingness to work with us in accommodating our special needs is something I don't believe we could have found with the so called "big boys" programs. 

Please feel free to use me as a reference to any prospective clients. I'm meeting with someone from Lynn Township next week to show him what we have here as far as computerization, I'll be sure to show him your program as well.

Ken Nicholson, Zoning and Codes Officer - 10.03.03 - North Whitehall Township, Lehigh County, PA


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